Movie - Groupies 2


Leslie Taylor,Sabrina Rose,Slutka,Terra Joy

Movie Name : Groupies 2
Movie Description : Picture your favorite orgies people by the most gorgeous ladies on the planet, seeking sex with multiple partners of either persuasion. Averitable sex fest!!! Asmorgasbord of delicious delights served with a healthy helping of sperm and coque and the most delectable crotch cheese ever produced between steaming hot thighs. Guaranteed to be a handful!!! Pick your position and just lie back and enjoy the inevitably exciting orgasm of your horny young life! Groupies 2 will have you groping your groin. If it doesn’t, check your pulse.
Encode Type : Windows Media
Actors : Alex,Bruno SX,Dennis,Ficky Martin,Horst Baron,Lauro Giotto,Leslie Taylor,Ram,Titus Steel,Zenza Raggi
Actresses : Leslie Taylor,Sabrina Rose,Slutka,Terra Joy
Category : Anal Sex,D.P,Group Sex,Shot in HD
Media Type : DVD
Movie Size : 721 MB
Scenes : 3
Available Formats : WMV High Bandwidth, WMV Low Bandwidth, WMV Medium Bandwidth, WMV Premium Bandwidth, PSP/IPOD Medium Bandwidth, MPG High Bandwidth
Year : 2006
Studio : Intense